6 Black Women Fitness Influencers To Guide Your Fitness Journey At Home

6 Black Women Fitness Influencers To Guide Your Fitness Journey At Home Getty

Now that it’s spring, some people are deep cleaning their homes and taking a more introspective look into their self-care and fitness routines. As a new season begins, evaluating and assessing old habits and patterns that may not serve you during this time is essential. 

Shifting our mindset to incorporate new fitness routines and finding the inspiration to do so may be daunting, but there are guides on social media that can help you along the way without judgment. Although we’re recovering as a society from COVID-19, some of us still feel more comfortable working out from the comfort and safety of our homes. Now, we have social media to turn to when discovering new workouts and fitness practices. For years there’s been an uptick in social media influencers. However, fitness influencers are gaining prominence due to people opting to work out at home instead of overcrowded gyms and fitness studios. 

The rise of fitness influencers online comes with diverse perspectives, workout styles, and of course, Black women leading the helm of this movement. From pilates (reformer and mat) to cardio enthusiasts and gentle yoga practitioners, these fitness influencers offer various alternatives to traditional workouts. Whether you’re looking for a new workout routine, practice, or sheer inspiration, these multi-faceted fitness enthusiasts have you covered.

Camai Brandenberg

Camai Brandenberg, the founder & lead instructor of Embody Pilates, is a Los Angeles-based pilates and yoga instructor with over 800+ hours of experience. She inspires other Black women to practice Pilates. 

Ariel Belgrave 

Ariel, commonly known as Gym Hooky, is passionate about helping busy women build healthier habits in 28 days by promoting clean eating and sharing cardio exercises. 

Jessamyn Stanley

Aside from spotting Jessamyn on national campaigns with popular brands like Gatorade and Adidas, the plus-size yoga teacher and body positivity advocate dismantles stereotypes of what it means to be “traditionally fit and healthy.” Follow her page to receive yoga workouts, or visit her Only Fans to view her doing yoga naked if you’re into that. 

Lita Lewis

What can’t Lita Lewis do? She tackles motherhood, wellness, marriage, and fitness themes on her Instagram platform, proving to be an authentic lifestyle maven. Head to her page to receive a daily dose of inspirational quotes and workout combinations to receive motivation to get your entire life! 

Massy Arias

Personal trainer, Massy Arias, will inspire you to continue your workout journey with her #bodygoals and show you how to curate a healthy meal plan and clean eating habits. 

Latoya Shauntay Snell 

Interested in developing a running practice or training for an upcoming marathon? Latoya has you covered. Follow her Instagram for inspiration from her weekly workouts, chef-curated meals, and running techniques. 

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