Amplitude Gymnastics Academy In Roswell, GA

   The benefits of gymnastics has been shown time and time  

   again. Most adults believe that they are too old to start

   gymnastics but it’s never too late to gain the benefits from

   practicing this sport. If you are an adult and think you are “too

  old” to start. Think again.

Amplitude  adult gymnastics class can help with strength, flexibility and provide a fun way to workout.

All beginner, intermediate and advanced adults are welcome. This class is structured with a coach who will guide everyone through warm ups, line drills, conditioning and the goals of the participants in the class whether it’s cartwheels or a tumbling pass.




Adult Gymnastics – Why We All Should Do It

Doctors are finally coming to realize and publicly acknowledge the long term benefits to resistance training. Studies have shown that resistance training improves joint health, maintains muscular development and improves cardiovascular fitness. This is true for all ages. Gymnastics is all about resistance training. The conditioning involved in a progressive gymnastics program focuses on functional strength. Elite gymnasts strength to weight ratios are second to none. This is what enables elite gymnasts to perform skills that appear to be humanly impossible. While some of these moves might be out of reach for most people, with a focused gymnastics conditioning program most adults will be stronger than they have ever been. Not only will this conditioning enable anyone to perform moves that will make most 17 year olds gape in amazement, but it will also help

prevent injuries.

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