Girls Gymnastics Ages 5 to 17 years

Recreational Girl Gymnastics Program General Description

  • Rebounders’ fully structured recreational gymnastics classes are based on a progression learning system, emphasizing safety and success while having fun. 

  • Students will be guided through step by step skill progressions and specific drills/exercises, providing the opportunity to effectively achieve and refine gymnastics skill, while progressing from beginner to advanced levels. Certificates will be awarded with each level advancement.

  • Female students will be working on the Olympic events/equipment Floor Exercise, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Vault as well as Trampoline.

  • Training will utilize Foam Pits, Spring Floors and a large variety of small specialized equipment to build skills safely, efficiently, and effectively.


Our objectives for your child are to learn proper gymnastics skills safely, and increase strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, body awareness and fitness levels.

Our goal for your child is to become a hard working, self-confident and healthy individual.

We offer:

  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Group classes

  • All Level Tumbling only classes

  • Private Lessons

  • Small Group Lessons

Tumbling Class Description


  • Rebounders’ Tumbling classes are for all Levels for Girls & Boys.

  • Classes are based on a progression learning system, emphasizing safety and success while having fun.

  • Students will be guided through step by step skill progressions and specific drills/exercises, providing the opportunity to effectively achieve and refine gymnastics tumbling skills.

  • At the same time, they will increase strength, flexibility, and stamina, which are a necessity for stunting and to improve tumbling skills from beginner to advanced levels. 

  • Students will only be working on Spring Floors, Trampolines, Tumble Track, In-ground Foam Pits, Spotting Belts and a variety of specialty equipment. Students will not be working on the Bars, Beam, Vault or the Boys Equipment.

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