Girls Gymnastics: Beginner to Advanced | Gymnastics for Girls


Our girls gymnastics program works with gymnasts to improve their skill, strength, and confidence.

At Aviator Sports and Events Center, beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections are available to cater to the various experience and skill levels of our diverse child population.

Each child who comes into this program will be tested on during their first class and placed into the appropriate level of girls gymnastics instruction: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

As the class progresses, each child has the opportunity to move up in skill level as they improve upon their technique.

Aviator’s experienced and passionate instructors help each prospective gymnast, whether new or previously experienced, feel comfortable and confident using the equipment.

We teacher students how to properly utilize the spring floor, vault, uneven bars, beam, foam pit, and trampoline.

Students are also taught the fundamentals and skills needed to work on the floor.

The class is designed to strengthen and condition students to help them excel in all aspects of gymnastics.

For girls interested in other sports, girls gymnastics classes can be particularly useful in helping them develop the strength, flexibility, balance, and agility necessary for effective cross-training.

Each level is progressive. With a group of Girls Gymnastics Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced, each girl will grow and learn from each other.

Girls Gymnastics Contact

For more information on our girls gymnastics classes please contact 718-758-7575 or email

Please fill out our contact form for more information on the Aviator Sports gymnastics for kids program.

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