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If you’re intrigued by gua sha but are unsure how to get started, Melanie Sutrathada (@melaniesutra) is here to help. Melanie sits down with Sandra Chiu (@treatmentbylanshin), an acupuncturist, herbalist, practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, and founder of Lanshin, who breaks down how to get started with gua sha. 

eats 4

This baked treat is an easy meal on the go

You may laugh now, but we’ll see this on TikTok in two to three weeks.

There’s luxury in minimalism. Shop slim blenders, sensor trash cans, coffee makers and more.

You can talk to your doctor to find out which foods may cause you pain and other issues. However, this simple test may also help.


We won’t blame you if you wear them all weekend, too.

Lulus, Abercrombie, Princess Polly, Revolve

Here’s what you should wear this weekend.

A woman is warning people not to bleach their roots at home after she badly damaged her hair. 

An internet meme has come full circle.

Choose from metal, fabric, rope, chain and more options.

The True Mirror allows you to see your image as other really see you.

Quince silk mini skirt

You’ll want to wear it all the time.

It makes your skin brighter!

“Imagine how good your life would be if you had a 26yo nursing assistant by your side, now replace S with N.”

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