The Best Crossfit Gym In Phoenix, AZ

Get Started in CrossFit

Whether it is getting back into shape, training for your next Obstacle Course Race, or if you just want to take a class to get out of the house, we have a coach here in Phoenix that is right for you.

Your initial appointment with your coach will be all about reviewing your personal goals and your fitness and training history. We will discuss the CrossFit training programs that we offer along with the methodology that we use to determine what types of classes would be best for you. With all of this knowledge, we can design a fitness plan specifically for you..

After your initial consultation with a coach, and you personal fitness plan, your CrossFit journey will begin. With the knowledge of which classes at our gym would be best to help you reach your goals, you can sign test the waters with a free class, and if you like what you see (and feel) then jump into our “new to Crossfit” beginners sessions, a 4 week series dedicated to getting new CrossFit athletes into the sport.

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