What Is CrossFit, And Is It Right For You?

According to data from the CrossFit Journal, the average monthly unlimited CrossFit gym membership ranges from $135 to $168 in the U.S., though membership prices vary based on each specific affiliate location.

It’s also possible to participate in CrossFit for free at home, though some equipment may be necessary, such as a barbell, dumbbells, a pull-up bar or the right pair of shoes. CrossFit also posts the WOD on its website with instructional diagrams and videos for certain exercises.

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Questions to Ask Before Joining CrossFit

Before joining a CrossFit gym, Mara suggests making sure your location offers the right training for your fitness level. “If a person has never participated in a CrossFit workout but wants to join a gym, they should research the training and experience level of the coaches teaching the classes,” says Mara.

CrossFit coaches have a hierarchy of training consisting of four different levels. Level one trainers have the essential knowledge to teach a basic CrossFit class, while level four trainers are considered expert coaches, explains Rochet. “Look for an affiliate where the trainers are committed to continuing education.”

Additionally, CrossFit coaches should encourage proper form during workouts to prevent injuries. Mara recommends choosing a gym with a favorable coach-to-participant ratio to ensure you receive more personalized, individualized attention and guidance.

If you’re still on the fence about a gym, check if your local location accepts drop-ins and try a session out before joining. Just be sure to consult with your health care provider before adding weights or high-intensity movements to your workout.

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